Pre-K Kit

The Pre-K Kit is a fun way to teach personal safety to young children using the KinderVision mascot, Kindi Bear, the KinderVision DVD, coloring/activity sheets, and full color visual aids. Children act out a safety story, sing safety songs, and learn to recognize red flags in behaviors and circumstances that could put them at risk. Parent component included.

The following materials from the Pre K Kit are available for free download from KinderVision:

  1. Front Cover and Back Cover
  2. Safety Lessons (File size: 96.0 KB)
  3. Lesson Activity 1 (File size: 356.0 KB)
  4. Lesson Activity 2 (File size: 1.2 MB)
  5. Lesson Activity 3 (File size: 544.0 KB)
  6. Lesson Activity 4 (File size: 684.0 KB)
  7. Lesson Activity 5 (File size: 768.0 KB)
  8. Lesson Activity 6 (File size: 332.0 KB)
  9. Lesson Activity 7 (File size: 20.0 KB)
  10. Coloring Page (File size: 1.3 MB)
  11. Songs (File size: 1.7 MB KB)
  12. View KinderVision Video (Chapters 1-3 relate to Kindi Kit)

After viewing the video, please take “The Greatest Save” Safety Quiz to see how much your students know. Alternatively you can print the 6 and Under Safety Quiz here or Parents can take the Quiz here.

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